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About Me

Laura Culberg, MSW

Around the time I turned 40 I had a metaphorical heart transplant. I began to notice that my life, though it had all the right parts from the outside, felt fragmented and disconnected on the inside. This launched me on a journey to find ways to reintegrate all the different parts of myself. I found that I was craving deeper connections with people in my life, questioning my path, longing for answers to questions I didn't even know I had.  Was I on the right path? How would I know?  

By this time I had been practicing yoga for over fifteen years.  I had fallen in love with the practice while completing my Masters in Social Work in 1994 and for several years practicing yoga helped me manage my career as a social worker, I completed my first Yoga teacher training in 2001 and for the past two decades have been a yoga and meditation teacher. In addition to operating my beloved yoga studio,The SweatBox, (which I sold in 2019),  I have expanded my studies. Most recently I have added additional areas of expertise in the field of mindfulness and stress reduction, having received training in YogaCalm, a curriculum for children as well as iRest Yoga Nidra a method of reducing stress and treating anxiety and PTSD.  

I live in South Seattle with my family. I love singing, baking, any kind of word games and being in Seward Park as much as I can. Teaching and practicing these modalities has given me a new way of living life, like living with a new heart. Through yoga, meditation, and writing, I have realized my ability to connect to my true nature, that clear channel of wisdom that had lain latent for many years. I feel grateful that this path has led me to this work. I love to share what I've learned with people who crave the same connection to self and I look forward to working with you.