ReVitalizing Rest:

Restorative Power Naps

Find stillness in your day.

The research is clear. Finding time to meditate and be mindful helps improve our mood, productivity and energy levels. Yet, despite best intentions, creating and maintaining a regular meditation practice is not always possible. Increasingly, we are cramming more work into longer days, making it nearly impossible to find time to nourish our inner stillness. Sometimes getting to a studio or another office creates more stress than less.

Power Naps are short guided meditations (30 minutes) that can be done seated or lying down. They are perfect for office settings where time and space are limited. Power Naps can be done in your power suit in your office chair, alone or in a group. 

Using body and breath sensing and guided relaxation techniques that helps connect into stillness and our innate aliveness, ReVitalizing Rest helps to reset the body and mind during a workday, offering an opportunity to integrate mental, physical and emotional equilibrium into an often harried, stressful workday.

Please contact me if you would like to offer ReVitalizing Rest at your office or workplace.

Please email me to schedule a session.

$100 session up to 10;  $15 per additional participant