Co-Meditation Practice

Following your internal path home.

Yoga Nidra, when practiced in the guided form, can offer a truly relaxing, nurturing, and restorative experience. For those who want to tap a little more directly into a specific issue or theme in their lives, Dyad iRest practice is an effective, efficient option.

In the Co-Meditation or Dyad practice, I will guide you through using the principals of Yoga Nidra, but with a significantly more individualized path.

This practice will help connect to what is here now, inviting a return to the present moment and the vital energy that comes from simply being with what is.

Dyad practice is a form of co-meditation that helps address these issues through body and breath sensing as well as the principal of welcoming all emotions and sensations just as they are. 

In person and video conferencing available for this service.

$75/50 minute session Sliding scale rates are available. Please email me to schedule a session.