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Individual and Small Group Services

All of the services I offer are designed to help you to slow down, get quiet, and listen.    

What we will do together is not therapy. It is integration and self-realization. Each of the practices I teach help to integrate our different senses, providing openings for the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that often lie dormant in the midst of lives that are too busy and chaotic. Yoga, meditation and writing are beautiful, effective tools for augmenting and/or amplifying other therapeutic practices you are using. I can work with your practitioner to find meaningful ways to integrate these practices into your healing journey.

I facilitate experiences that help you tap into your your intuition and deepest truth, in all areas of your life. In connection with innate true nature, it becomes possible to unite with one's place in the universe, to find harmony with the world around us.  I believe we already have all the answers we need to solve our life's problems. We just need to make room for our intuitive wisdom to be heard.

Yin Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra and Proprioceptive Writing invite us to quiet the outside noise and listen deeply to what is within us. Through years of studying, practicing, and teaching these techniques, I've learned that we can only access our deepest inner knowing and wellness by being truly quiet and listening-- not to what's there all the time, but to what we hear when we're quiet. 

 Finding a way back to our home ground of intuition is different for each of us. Working together, we can put you on a path back to your true nature and inner wellness in both your work and personal life. The benefits I've derived from all of these practices are beyond measure and I'm truly grateful for all of them. I look forward to sharing what I've learned with you.