Instructions for online Yoga & Meditation with Laura
Meditation: Monday 9:30am-10:05am
Yoga: Friday, 9:30am-10:30am
To be added to the invite list please email me 

    • I am using Zoom. I recommend going to and creating a free account linked with the same address you used to email me. Download and install the mobile app phone or computer. Sign in from your device, test your audio and video, and you should be all set to join class.

    • For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone, so that we can both see and hear you (like a laptop, iPad, or smartphone).

    • Once you’ve joined Zoom and have contacted me in some way to let me know that you want to take online Yoga and Meditation classes with me, I will send you an invitation to all classes I am offering. I will also list these classes on my website online store as I add more. In the mean time I will email my whole list of interested students an invite every time I teach. If you are available and want to practice, just accept the invitation. If you don’t want to practice, then simply ignore the email.


  • FOLLOW THE ZOOM MEETING LINK via your email from me on the day of the class. This link will open the meeting in your Zoom app or in your browser.

  • MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE. When you arrive in the room, your microphone should automatically be muted. Usually both video and audio controls are in the lower left hand of the screen. This is to reduce audio feedback.  Please keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak, and then feel free to unmute yourself.

  • SET UP YOUR SCREEN. Within Zoom, you have the option to change what you see on your screen. You can choose between “Gallery” view (where you can see a bunch of different talking heads in smaller windows) and “Speaker” view (where you see only person currently talking, in a large window). “Gallery” is nice before and after class, so you can chat and recognize friends. “Speaker” view is usually best for the actual class.


    • A mat is not required, but helpful. A hard floor with a yoga mat gives you the best balance of stability and cushioning but really you can practice anywhere.

    • If you have props, great. If not, have a few pillows or blankets around. These can be used for both the yoga and meditation classes.

    • We won’t have music because it doesn’t work well with Zoom, so if you do have a playlist you want feel free to set it up. If your mike is muted it won’t disturb anyone else.

I recommend experimenting with Zoom just to get comfortable before your first class. Then, take a few minutes to get situated when you first arrive (the actual class will start about 5 minutes after the meeting start time). Create a space for yourself where you have some room to move, a good wi-fi signal, and minimal background noise. Orient your screen and mat in your space so that you can best see the teacher in a variety of potential poses.


Payment for Yoga and Meditation is by donation. To pay any amount please to my Venmo- @laura-culberg or PayPal ( I hope these classes are useful to you. Thank you for joining me in this experiment.

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