Group or Individual

In all of the services I offer we may do a little bit of yoga to touch back into our bodies, but you can also schedule a private yoga class for yourself or a small group. My style is a hybrid that comes from twenty years of teaching and practicing different styles. I teach a slow, deliberate practice--including Hatha and Yin-- fine-tuned to each individual.  Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative practice designed to enhance the health and wellness of the connective tissues and joints in the body. Yin Yoga is particularly beneficial for people in mid-life and athletes of all ages who experience regular joint stress through running, jumping and lunging. These classes can be arranged in your home or at my studio.  Please email me to schedule a session.
$125/60 min class
$25 additional per person for small groups.

Sliding scale rates are available. Please inquire by email.

" I have been a student of Laura's for over ten years, and worked with Laura professionally for years in my role as architect for renovations to her yoga studio. I have great respect for Laura's expertise, passion, integrity and dedication to her work helping others." . 

Clayton Smith, Architect