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Put Some Claws in Your Pause

Programs Honoring Menopause

Put Some Claws in Your Pause is a radically positive approach to menopause. Though this phase of life is something all women experience, we enter it uniformed, uninspired and unsupported. Join us for a weekend retreat to look at menopause and peri-menopause with a new lens. Our annual retreat offers opportunities to do yoga, writing, meditation, commune with nature and each other, eat healthy, delicious food and rest.

Throughout the year we offer events to bring women at all stages of menopause together to do Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Proprioceptive Writing. These are great opportunities to meet other women in menopause and learn more about our retreat. Check our or Upcoming Claws Events page for details.

"Laura is a deeply compassionate, curious, intelligent, articulate retreat facilitator and yoga instructor -- full of creativity, wry humor, and insight. I highly recommend attending one of her courses!"

Jorji Knickrehm, Grants Project Manager

Put Some Claws in Your Pause Retreat